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Managed Domain Hosting
Frequently Asked Questions.

 How long does it take to register my domain name? 
There are three steps that must be completed before your new domain name is visible on the net. First, your name must be registered with InterNIC, the domain name coordination entity. Second, all of the internet service provider's dns databases must be updated to route to our server. Third, our server is configured to return the proper web pages whenever a user requests your domain name. The entire process can take up to a week, however in most cases your site will be visible within a few days. Back to Contents

 I'm in a hurry to get online, isn't there a faster way? 
Since we mirror your site as a BonusPages sub-domain your site can be placed online and accessed at while you are waiting for your domain name registration to be completed. We'll provide an 'Under Construction' web page at your internet addresses until your pages are completed. Back to Contents

 Do I get to keep the BonusPages sub-domain site too? 
Yes! As an added value your site will be always be accessible using any of three internet addresses:
In addition, we'll list your site in our
BonusPages member directory all at no additional cost! Back to Contents

 How do I transfer my pages to your server? 
Each virtual domain account receives a password protected FTP login to their space. You also receive a password protected login to our WebSite ToolKit which allows you to maintain your site using only your browser. (See our sub-domain faqs for more information). For quickest, most complete site maintenance use an FTP client such as those listed on our resources page. Back to Contents

 How long is my commitment? 
There is no minimum contract term and you may cancel service at any time. However, we do offer generous discounts for pre-paying 12 months of hosting in advance. See our prices page for more current details. Back to Contents

 What do you mean by Unlimited web space? 
Ten Megs of space will store hundreds of web pages. Should your site require more space you can order additional 5 meg blocks for a small additional monthly fee. Please remember that you may not sub-divide or resell any of your space. See our policy statement for full details. Back to Contents

 Are there any additional costs? 
The fee we charge you is strictly for completing all registration forms and providing your "under construction" page. InterNIC currently charges $35.00 per year to maintain your registration in their database. You will be billed separately by "Network Solutions" an initial amount of $70.00 for the first two years registration fees. Back to Contents

 How do I sign up for a web site? 
Reserving your web site couldn't be easier. Click on 'Order' on the toolbar at the top of any page (or click here), fill out our brief questionaire, indicate what size & type of web site you are interested in and click on the 'send order' button. We'll begin making arrangements for your web site right away and create your 'Under Construction' page at your BonusPages sub-domain. Don't forget to send your payment in right away to avoid any delays in processing your order and domain name registration. Back to Contents

 Do you accept credit cards? 
We sure do! Payment can be made securely by credit card using our online secure form by clicking here. Back to Contents

 What will my internet address be? 
Your web site will respond with or without the www prefix. For example, if you chose a domain name of your site will also respond to Your site will also respond as a sub-domain of BonusPages ( at no additional charge. Keep in mind when you select your domain name that your domain should end with .com if its a commercial site, .org if its an organization and .net if you offer internet related services. Back to Contents

 What is InterNIC? 
InterNIC is a coordinating authority that was developed to manage the internet. InterNIC manages domain names, and handles the routing of internet traffic. Domain names are being taken everyday, so the sooner you register yours, the more likely you are to be able to use the one you want. To check to see if the name you're interested in is available, click here. Back to Contents

 Are there any restrictions on what I put on my pages? 
Not as long as you adhere to the guidelines set forward in our policy statement. We do not host 'adult' sites, pages that include links to 'adult sites', pirated software, other unauthorized use of copyrighted material or sites that support any kind of illegal activities. To keep traffic on our servers low we ask that you not store files within your web space that are loaded from other web pages or other servers. Back to Contents

 Can I take orders for my products/services on my page? 
Absolutely! Its relatively easy to set up a form on your site for your customers to fill out and have e-mailed to you. Or, we can provide a form your customers can print and mail via US Post Office along with their payment. Just let us know what information we need to request the user to enter along with the e-mail address you want the information sent to and we'll design a form to be placed in your web space. Each form counts as one web page. Back to Contents

 Can I resell space? 
No. We feel that our prices are low enough that anyone can afford their own web site. You are not permitted to sell any pages on your site under any circumstances. Back to Contents

 Can I sell advertisments on my pages? 
You may sell ads on your pages so long as each one occupies a small percentage of each page. Ads occupying the equivelent of a 500 x 50 pixel graphic image conform to this standard. Back to Contents

 Can I use banner exchange ads if I want to? 
Sure! Exchange banner advertising is one of the best ways to promote your site without spending a lot. Keep in mind that banner ads will affect how your page loads, so you'll want to choose a service that limits graphic size and provides fast transfers. Back to Contents

 How often can I update my pages? 
Access to your site is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may update your pages whenever you like, as often as you want. Back to Contents

 What is a CGI script? 
A CGI script is a special kind of text file that the server can run to perform various tasks, such as displaying a hit counter, or mailing a form to you which has been filled out by a customer. We offer 3 basic CGI scripts already installed and ready to run. You also have access to your own CGI-BIN directory where you can place your own scripts. Back to Contents

 How does the page hit counter work? 
Each time someone visits a page containing a reference to your counter, the count increases by one and is displayed on the page. By changing the commands embedded in your page, you can change the appearance of the counter as shown below: Back to Contents

 How does the time/date display work? 
The same script that generates the page hit counter, can also display the current date and time of day. Please note that because of the way browsers cache pages, the time/date may not update automatically when a page revisited. You have a number of formatting options available to change the way the display is presented. Back to Contents
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 How does the form mailer work? 
The form mailer allows you to have information e-mailed to you from a form page included on your site. For example, if you want to take orders online you would create a form containing fields for all of the information you need to process an order. Once the user fills out the form and submits it, an e-mail message would be generated and sent to you containing all of the information the user entered. Use of the form mailer script is available at no additional charge. Back to Contents

Please read our policy section for restrictions and limitation of use.

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